Starting a family is a tough decision to make. But even before you ensure that you are financially and emotionally prepared to welcome a new addition to your life, you must first find out if you are physically ready to do so. Prashanthi Hospitals Pregnancy Packages offers special services designed to fully prepare you for the beautiful journey of your life.
The below are consolidated 6 month packages starting from the 2nd trimister (12th week onwords) of pregnancy until discharge from the hospital after delivery.
Note: Maximum time limit of enrollment for these packages up to 20 weeks only.

Women’s health risks change with her age. However, it is important to realize that your lifestyle choices can go a long way towards reducing your health risks. Age-specific physiological and emotional changes are more pronounced in women.
There are many health concerns that women have, from concerns about the risks of developing cancer, to issues with weight gain. Keeping in mind that every age group has its own set of health issues, Prashanthi Hospital offers customized health checkups for women of every age.

The well-being of your newborn is as important to us as your health is. Newborn screening is the way we check for rare, serious conditions in babies delivered at Prashanthi Hospital. Catching problems early gives you a critical edge in getting them treated before they can cause lasting harm. At Prashanthi hospital we insist that every newborn undergoes a few mandatory screening tests. Our 'Well baby care' package includes tests that ensure a comprehensive wellness evaluation of your precious bundle of joy.