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The NICU facilities at Prashanthi are of top notch, since they are very important for the baby’s suffering with critical conditions. The infrastructure is excellent and staff in the NICU are extremely skilled, and they can handle the critical cases. Due to the availability of extraordinary features and the most experienced personnel at our NICU, the success rate is extremely high compared to any other hospital in Hyderabad, and this made us the most preferable medical facility in the entire city. Every minute during the medical emergency is utilized, to save the patients’ (baby’s) lives.

Neonatal Intensive Care Doctors

The Neonatal intensive care doctors at Prashanthi are extremely talented and experienced, and they can diagnose and treat any kind of emergency health conditions and injuries. They are well versed in using the advanced medical technologies, to save the baby’s from the critical illnesses and conditions.

Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses

Our Neonatal intensive care nurses are highly experienced in providing the bedside care for the babies. They can handle even the sickest babies with tender, loving care approach, and they monitor them for any changes in the health round the clock, while providing all the requirements of the babies.