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Patient Guidelines

Dr T. Swathi Ram is a consultant physiotherapist working at Prashanthi Hospital, Hanamkonda. She has completed her masters in physiotherapy. She is interested in areas of women health and fitness education. She has command in exercise science, kinesiology as well as component in the field of obstetrics & gynaecology.
– She is expert in antenatal and postnatal classes for women who under gone pregnancy.
– Lamaze classes for natural birthing.
– Infertility issues.
– Conceptional classes are taken for the couple who planning for a baby.
– Expertise in the field of new-born, baby care & breast feeding classes.
– She uses a holistic treatment approach in various disorders and baby’s early development.
– She has certifications in neuro developmental techniques and reflex stimulation which are the best techniques to achieve baby’s early developmental milestones and hastening the overall development of the baby.


  1. – Prenatal / Antenatal
  2. – Postnatal
  3. – Neonatal
  4. – Weight loss

And other general issues related to women.
We, under the roof of Prashanthi Hospital, provide all services to the women from pregnancy to till the point of motherhood. So, that pregnant women can enjoy explore.

Prenatal / Antenatal Classes:-

Prenatal classes are provided from beginning of pregnancy to till the point of delivery.

– This is an excellent way to nourish mother-to-be and baby. It allows the mother-to-be to gain balance and connect with their body during pregnancy.

– Prenatal yoga and stretching can help, maintain body Ergonomics, tone, joint flexibility.

– Relaxin hormone is produced by the physical movements performed by a women. So, that the body will be the supple or light.

– This antenatal classes are mainly focus on the body changes occurring during pregnancy and getting accommodated to such and enjoy their pregnancy to the earth fullest

– This prenatal classes can be started from 14th week into pregnancy.

Benefits of Antenatal Classes:

  1. – Empower your bonding with your baby and growing baby.
  2. – Prepare your baby mentally, physically and emotionally to delivery.
  3. – Reduce stress and strain.
  4. – Balance your body i.e Ergonomics of body.
  5. – Prenatal classes will help out in natural birthing methods.
  6. – Minimise pregnancy discomforts like back pain, S.I joint pains and pedal oedema etc.
  7. – Prepare your pelvis muscles to undergo babies.

Labour classes / Lamaze:

The Lamaze classes will help the mother to cope up with the labour pains

– – These Lamaze breathing techniques are helpful in different stages of labour. Paternal breathing is learned in this. So, that the women can overcome pain, discomfort, anxiety and fear.

– Preparation for labour:- This Is a programme for the preparation of labour. Here we train and teach the patient to get ready for delivery, relaxation and labour position etc.


– Postnatal classes are generally used after the delivery. After 10-12 weeks following a c-section and 6-8 weeks following normal delivery.

– The benefits of postnatal ex’s- empowered flexibility

– Pelvic floor muscle strength and tone, particularly abdominal muscles, lower back hips and buttocks

– Improves / corrects postures

– Stress management and relaxation

The overall aim of postnatal ex’s is regain the normal shape i.e just like before pregnancy.- In this session we also train the mother how to feed, how to handle her baby. and herself is also explained.


Newborn babies are trained up by mothers like how to handle a baby

– Method of feeding baby

– Draping baby

– Some medical issues like preterm babies

– Low birth weight babies

– Hypotonic infants

– Hypertonic infants

All the conditions are treated by physiotherapist so, that physiotherapist will train up the mother in improve the body of newborn by regular doing of tone development exercises. The development of baby muscle tone and health status

Breast Feeding / Lactation classes.

New mother’s are also explained how to feed their baby. How many times a day, how important is the milk of mother to baby are all discussed breast feeding classes taken by our physicotherapist

Diet in Pregnancy

Pregnant should concentrate on eating healthy well-balanced meals without defecting or over indulging in food. Good nutrition is important for both mother and baby.

  1. – Dietary advice on Vitamins, minerals and nutrients during pregnancy
  2. – Supplements like Iron should be taken in large doses to avoid Iron deficiency anaemia
  3. – Calcium is very essential for maintaining the bone integrity of a pregnant woman and providing for the skeletal development of the feetus
  4. – Good source of milk and milk products
  5. – Folate / Folic acid / Folacin during pregnancy very important to expanding blood supply and the growth of the maternal and foetal tissues.
  6. – Folate rich foods include eggs, Leafy vegetables oranges and legumes.
  7. – Proteins during pregnancy should be 60 grams/day. Whole Grail, bread, serials are good source of this.

Weight loss and Obesity

Obesity is nothing but accumulation unwanted fat then required weight. There are many factors responsible for weight gain.

– So physiotherapist will provide preconceptual counselling so, that would help to reduce weight for after fertility.

Causes for Obesity

There may be many causes like

– Hormonal imbalance

– Stress and strain

– Thyroid issues

– Irregular menstrual cycle

– Post delivery weight gain

– Lifestyle

so providing People excessive legume gives weight loss of the patient

Other factors

Our physiotherapist also deals With other conditions like


Any nerve compression

Varicose nerve

SI joint pain


Frozen shoulders

We deals with all the health conditions that the cross ones as the age goes on in women.


• Preconception classes are generally designed for the couple who are planning for pregnancy

• Today stressful era is full if aspirations and compressions for couples has to prepared for bearing a child.

• Let yourself in the best possible level of fitness and mindset before you bring a new life in your life and into the world.

So join preconception classes and regulate yours body following excercise and yoga so as to get ready to design baby of your design